InterLex Training Module

Description of the Training Module

This Training Module has been developed by the InterLex Project with the purpose:

  • To offer free online training content suitable for self-training of legal professionals and law students

  • To provide the necessary tools and interactive environment for training organisations, lecturers and tutors in EU private international law, which enable them to create and publish online their own courses and learning materials as well as to supply them with an automated tool for identification of legal citations and establishment of links to EU law

  • To support the dissemination, demonstration and training activities of the InterLex project.

The access to the training content created by the InterLex Project is free, but requires registration. Press the “COURSE CATALOG” button or click here in order to see the available training content.

If you are lecturer or tutor in EU private international law, or a representative of an institution providing training in this field, and wish to create own training content, you may require a corporate account with the necessary administrative rights. Please, contact us at