Decision Support and Training on Internet-related Private International Law


The Interlex platform includes three modules

Decision Support Module

Decision Support Module

The Decision Support Module is an interactive expert module that offers users a guided tour, according the relevant rules of legislation and case law, to determine jurisdiction and/or applicable law in a specific law case in civil and commercial matters involving an international element. The architecture of the system is based on a knowledge base of rules, modelling legislative prescriptions and on a reasoning module that applies the rules to specific cases, and also provides links to the relevant sources.

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Find Law Module

The Find Law Module supports users in retrieving legal information in a large collection of European, national and international instruments and case law in the area of private international law as well as commentaries of renowned experts, journal articles, guidelines, authorial notes and other theoretical and practical materials.

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Find Law Module
Training Module

Training Module

The Training Module includes a set of training tools on European private international law, to be used in taught courses as well as in self-training of students and magistrates. It includes both the interactive visualisation of content and practical exercises. The module provides lecturers and tutors with the necessary functional tools and interactive environment for publishing and interlinking their own training materials, such as articles, comments, lectures, guidelines, answers to questions, sample tests, etc.

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InterLex is an EU funded project that aims at developing an online platform to provide information, decision support and training on private international law. It addresses the identification of the legal system having jurisdiction and of the national law to be applied to a specific case as well as the retrieval of relevant legal materials.

The InterLex online platform delivers:

  • - free access to a large collection of European, international and national legal instruments and case law in the area of private international law as well as expert materials
  • - decision support service directed to legal professionals, but also freely accessible to law students and citizens, and
  • - a set of training tools on private international law for legal professionals and law students.


The project aims at achieving the following results:

To increase:

legal awareness of economic operators and consumers of the digital economy

capacity of national practitioners and authorities to address issues related to judicial cooperation and to the application of the European Union’s instruments

awareness of policy makers related to judicial cooperation

To improve knowledge on the legislation and case law related to judicial cooperation in the domain of Internet-related private international law

To provide legal practitioners, for the proceedings related to judicial cooperation, with further specialised knowledge and experience in this field

To make a contribution ensuring that the legal framework and regulations linked to judicial cooperation are in line with EU acquis and relevant case-law of the Court of Justice of the EU


The InterLex Consortium includes members from four EU Member States – Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Germany.